Website maintenance, web maintenanceImagine a car that services itself.
A Managed Website is a site that does just that!


One of the most common problems we see, is companies who have a website but fail to maintain their site. Imagine driving your car 100,000km before you do a service. What do you think would happen? Now imagine a website that makes you tens of thousands of dollars a week, and what would happen if that website came down suddenly without any warning. What would you do?

Just like a car, a website has to be maintained/serviced. Luckily for you, with Plumbing Web Guys, for a small regular fee, you can have your site upgraded, backed up and passwords changed. Add in regular content updates and you’re “cookin with gas”.

Websites that are not regularly maintained… break. It’s simple as that, it’s just a matter of when. Firstly, with content updates, search engines will immediately recognise that your site is fresh and active. If the content is relevant and engaging, then it’s quite likely your article alone will attract traffic to your site.

Also, with a regular maintenance plan, you avoid many of the headaches of website downtime, as we will also upgrade your content management system to protect your website from hackers (this is no longer a threat to your business… it is a REALITY that if you do not upgrade your site, your site will eventually be attacked… the question is when?).