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Do plumbers with websites make better lovers??

Plumbing Websites and AdwordsOk so we may have stretched the truth a little.

So we may be stretching the truth a little when we say a new website will make you a better lover or turn you into a modern day Adonis. But if you really love your business, you wouldn’t be using anyone else for your new plumbing website.

So let me lay our cards out…

Chances are, if you’re reading this blog entry, one of our team has already contacted you through some form of media and you want to find out what the deal is. I won’t overcomplicate it because it’s really quite simple. We are Plumbing Web Guys and our mission is to provide the best online solutions to the plumbing industry. We’re here to take the time consuming, mind numbing, internet/computer related crap out of your lives and build a smoking hot plumbing website and (if you want) drive traffic to it. Read more..

Welcome to Plumbing Web Guys… your resource for plumbing websites and online marketing.

I’d like to welcome you to our brand new website! It’s an exciting time at Plumbing Web Guys as we are putting together a stack of exciting new website and marketing packages specifically for plumbing businesses. If you are serious about getting a website built and want to generate some serious work through your site, then take some time to check out our site or give us a call and i’ll tell you what we’re all about.

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